The Wonders Of Wheat

You may have been surprised to learn that the world’s population consumes about 300 million tons of wheat annually. The United States alone consumes almost 5 percent of all wheat produced worldwide! This makes it one of the most popular and widely consumed grains in our daily diets. But did you know there are over […]

Nuts Among The Berries

Grain of Truth is the story of the many food fads that have swept through our country in an attempt to cure and prevent disease from becoming a problem. In order to place the contemporary gluten-free epidemic into perspective, I looked up Nuts Among The Berries by Ronald M. Deutsch, which was self-published in 1977. […]

Stephen Yafa’s Grain of Truth: More On What Wheat Can Do

Wheat. It’s in everything. But should it be? Author Stephen Yafa delves into the world of wheat and what it can do for us, both good and bad. In his book Grain of Truth, he tackles the many myths about this ubiquitous grain and sets the record straight. Did you know that wheat is a […]