About Stephen Yafa

Stephen Yafa, who resides in Mill Valley, California, has worked in a variety of media. He wrote Grain of Truth after writing Cotton, his first non-fiction book. He writes about wine  for the San Francisco Chronicle and other magazines. He wrote the original screen play for Three In The Attic at MGM, Columbia, Paramount, and other major studios, as well as films for Michael Douglas and other actors and producers.

He has published three novels and six plays, as well as a monograph on Paxton Quigley’s life. His work as a playwright has been performed nationwide at the ACT in San Francisco, the Magic Theater, and public television, among other places; he has also written for Playboy, Rotarian, and publications including Details and American Heritage.

Stephen has 12 years of experience as a digital storyteller, and was previously executive producer and director of the Digital Story Center. He is married with three children and attended Dartmouth College before graduating from Carnegie-Mellon University with a Master of Fine Arts.