7:00 pm19:00

Reading/Tasting at Copperfield's, Sebastopol, CA Friday, Sept 25, 7PM

We're serving up fine wine, artisan cheese and local sourdough Copperfield's Books on Main Street, Sebastopol— at no charge.  Munch, sip, chat with superb winemaker Greg LaFollette,  the folks at Village Bakery and local cheesemakers while you sample their delicacies. Following that, I'll read a few excerpts from my new book, Grain of Truth. and answer questions. My book dispels scary myths about eating wheat, offers a safe alternative and gives you back your delicious daily bread. Hope to see you there. For details, visit

12:00 pm12:00

Leichtag Foundation, Encinitas, CA Grain of Truth Panel Event, 7 PM

Please join me  and an artisan panel at Leichtag, August 4. Barbara McQuiston, owner of the Curious Fork, a local gluten-free café that also offers cooking classes, and Louie Prager, owner and baker at Prager Brothers Artisinal Bakery, have agreed to sit on the panel with me. We'll talk about who should and shouldn't stop eating gluten, why  sourdough wheat rocks, even for most who think they have to be gluten-free— and separate fact from fad. Between now and then I urge you to check out amazing Leichtag, a working ranch and garden that connects  people to community, food, the land, and social justice,

Aug 1

Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico

Rancho La Puerta is everything a health resort should be, filled with challenging and exhilarating mind/body toning and stretching classes, staffed with experts, set in a sublime mountainous location, and comfortably authentic in its accommodations.  I'll be doing a presentation one night during our stay, drawn from my book. I'll set you straight on the truth about wheat: it's not the grain itself that causes problems for some of us, it's the way wheat is commercially   processed. And if you're worried about gluten in your diet but miss the real bread, I'll give it back to you, safe and sound, whole and wonderful for body and mind. During the week I'll also be heading up  a Life Chapters writing workshop for personal memoirs, journaling, creative writing— but most of all for rewarding fun. Join me!

8:00 pm20:00

Book Depot, Mill Valley, CA 8 PM

My home town, and one of my favorite bookstores and hangouts.--a perfect combination. I'll be reading from Grain of Truth. I set off to find out if wheat is Satan's spawn, as billed, when my wife, Bonnie,  announces that she had a gluten neck, What happens after that? You'll hear about my adventures and have an opportunity to ask Bonnie yourself if indeed gluten for her is  the menace it's been made out to be.  You're gluten-free? You may not be after tonight. I'll bring a loaf of my homemade whole wheat sourdough to share. 

6:00 pm18:00

Book Read and Signing, Kramerbooks, Washington, D.C.

I'll be reading from Grain of Truth, signing copies, and listening with both ears to the special guest I've invited to join me at Kramerbooks for the event, Mark Furstenberg. Mark is DC's premier baker at Bread Furst. I'll talk about separating fact from fad about gluten, and delve into the health benefits of sourdough long-fermentation that I discovered on my journey into the heart of the artisan grain movement.. Mark will pass out samples of his artisan fare, because as we all know, tasting in believing. He'll also talk about his colorful adventures over half a century in and out of the bread oven. Please join us!

6:00 pm18:00

Book Passage, Ferry Building, San Francisco

What's good for you in a loaf of bread? These days if it's hard to remember, you're not alone. Wheat is Satan's spawn—or so say the hordes of anti-gluten warriors. But for the most part they've got it all wrong—as Grain of Truth reveals. Whole wheat among other grains prolongs your lifespan and fights back against diabetes and heart disease. Sourdough and sprouting dramatically reduce the toxicity of gluten. Join me at Book Passage to find out more— details at Sample delicious healthful sourdough breads, courtesy of co-owner Steve Sullivan and the Acme Bread Company—the Bay Area's first artisan bakery—and leave your gluten worries behind.

1:00 pm13:00

Oliveto Commons Event at Oliveto Restaurant and Cafe, Oakland

In addition serving fabulous Italian food at landmark Oliveto in Oakland, Bob Klein now hosts a new series, Oliveto Commons, every few months. This gathering is his way of reaching out to  offer vibrant, inclusive, and real food experiences that take an audience inside the process as active participants.  I'm honored to be chosen as the featured speaker and to explore the journey that lead to  Grain of Truth . My new book delves into the artisan grain community that Klein is fostering through Community Grains. It separates myths about gluten from facts, explains the benefits of sourdough long fermentation, especially for gluten-sensitive individuals, and gives us back our daily bread. I'm being joined by master baker Craig Ponsford, the whole-wheat wizard behind  Ponsford's Place.  You'll sample his mouth-watering  offerings and learn why he is so devoted to using 100 % whole wheat flour for all of his baked goods, and nothing but.

7:00 pm19:00

Book Reading and Gluten Debate at Bookmine, Downtown Napa

In Grain of Truth I lay out the case for eating healthful whole wheat that includes gluten  when long-fermented, as in sourdough--and I take on the anti-gluten brigade based on my extensive research. I say gluten sensitivity is more fad than fact for the vast majority of people who have stopped eating wheat,  But Catherine Bergen, owner of  Napa's  Cate & Co Bakeshop . which is gluten-free, takes the opposite point of view. Who's right? Come by for an evening  of passionate debate and make up your own mind at Napa Bookmine, 964 Pearl Street, Napa.